Angel Chase's Story

Chase Aron was born July 3, 1996. His mother, my daughter was only 16 at the time. We did not learn of Chase's problems until he was 6 months old only because he didn't do what most normal 6 month olds do.

I'm Donna, Chase's Grandma. My husband Bob and I took over guardianship of Chase shortly after he turned one. We have worked very hard with Chase and he has come a long way. Chase can say "I lu oo" (I love you), "wa r oo" (Where are you), "ni" (night), Hi, "ower" (shower), up. Chase has been in early education for 2 years and is able to work a Big Mack switch. He can also make choices.

Chase has been a very healthy boy with very few colds and no flu's so far. He has had two surgeries. His first on November 15, 2000. He had an Intrathecal Baclofen pump put in to dispense his baclofen better for his spasticity. I recommend this to anyone whose child is very spastic. It has been a Godsend.

His second surgery was on May 14, 2001 when he needed hip surgery. This has been a very trying time.

Chase loves Elmo & Tigger. He loves to go for rides and walks. In fact if we are maybe thinking about this we have to now spell ride or walk out, or Chase will be upset because we didn't go.

Chase is in a wheelchair but prior to the surgery we did have him in a gait trainer and he could walk a few steps. Chase has a cute Elvis grin that he uses to flirt with the nurses and if he want his way for something. Chase knows the difference between family and strangers. He lights up a room any time you see him. His smile and laugh is so contagious. You can't be in a bad mood for long. His grandpa is his best buddy. They do a lot together.

Chase also has a 2 1/2 year old sister that lives with her mom. He has an Aunt Jenny that lives at home here with us. She's almost 17 and is teaching Chase the finer points of music. Oh, Chase loves music. When he is upset or irritable we play cd's of relaxation. His favorite is the one with dolphins and whales and Nature Quest. It has Indian background music. These work wonders when he couldn't sleep.

We are so glad to have Chase in our lives. He has changed us and helped us as well. We are excited to see what the next few years bring.

Chase's body just gave out and he died on November 1, 2011. He was 15 years old.






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