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Angel Jason S.

August 16, 2001-January 12, 2005

Jason's story will be online soon. In the meantime here is a poem written by his nurse Althea:


I was told that you could not hear,
But you smile when I call your name.

I was told that you could not see,
But you follow me with your eyes.

I was told that you could not swallow,
But you love the taste of fruit.

I was told that you could not speak,
But you told me when something was wrong.

I was told that you could not show any emotions,
But your face was full of expressions.

I was told that you could not learn,
But I watch you learn new things all the time.

I was told that you could not last three months,
But you lived three years.

Your gentle smile with bright blue eyes, the expression on your face
and a slight movement of your head, arm or leg,
told me when you were hungry, wet, happy or in pain.

You taught me patience, compassion and unconditional love.
I will miss every little thing about you.
You were a gift from GOD.

He allowed us to have you for a period
of time and for that we are grateful.

You have gone home to rest after all your hard work,
because you have shown the world you COULD do all the things
that I was told that you could not.

Althea Vontoure, 2005




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August 16, 2001- January 12, 2005

This website is funded in loving memory of Jason S. by his mother Kammy

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