Angel Daniel's Story

December 7, 1995-January 9, 2005

n December 1995 I received a call from social services about a foster child.  Not an unordinary thing when you're a foster mom. This one was to be different from the start. They told me straight out that this baby of 2 weeks old has no brain and will die soon.  Do you want him?  Without hesitation I said yes.   The first month was spent visiting with hospice and trying to prepare the other children for the death of this child.  I started to notice a difference in the baby.   Daniel sometime with a difference in awareness and his eyes united.  I was told these were seizures.  I contacted social services and the doctors to see if there was anything I could do for him.  This was my first shock at the system and the medical community.  They were a bit upset with me for even asking such a thing for him.  I then began my search for help.  After many doctor's visits and ER visits during which Daniel's' seizures were increasing in severity and duration causing him to choke on his tongue I was told that Daniel was missing the part of the brain that makes one human.   The Dr said he would sleep, poop and die and to spend any state money on him for any medical reason when other children need it would not have any merit.   He was also referred to as "it" several times.  I then got a lawyer to help get a tracheostomy so that he could breathe.  Social Services warned me that they would just pull him from my home because they didn't think it was necessary.  I asked these people what I should do when he is choking?  They said "turn your head".  Well I decided this relationship with the county dept. of social services was not working out.  Then I decided to adopt Daniel.  Easy, I thought, but I was to encounter more problems.  I was questioned as to why I would want him so now they're thinking something is very wrong with me.  Somehow they felt that I would use too much state and federal money on him.  The ethics committee and whoever else was around at the time wrote a medical directive for me to have it I adopted him that I would have to adhere to.  My lawyer said "no way".  I walked into the emergency room once when Daniel was having one of his choking episodes, holding his airway open with my finger.  No one said a word.  I said "is this a good time to kill him?"  I stood there and waited.  The next day he got his tracheostomy.  Daniel has been through some more tough times.  He has had 4 birthdays and is ready to celebrate his 5th on Dec. 7, 2000.  I always cry then out of pure joy.  I will have to admit I always wonder if this will be his last?   One day at a time, right?  From the family of Daniel Ring.

Daniel died surrounded by his family on Jan. 9, 2005