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It won't be very long after you find out that your child has Hydranencephaly before you are faced with a whole lot of different pieces of equipment. Your child's therapist will help you figure out what is needed for your child at a particular time. In this section are links to information on choosing equipment, as well as links to direct information on the various pieces of equipment that are available.

Links to Equipment Information:

So You’re Getting a Piece of Equipment

Choosing a Wheelchair: It Takes Teamwork by Richard Robinson

Tips from Families on choosing equipment for a child with Hydranencephaly

Choosing a wheelchair:
1. Tilt in space
2. Able to be adjusted for growth
3. Will fit in what space you have; ie; be able to fold up if you have a small vehicle
4. Have accessories such as sun shades or umbrellas
5.  Weight of chair, especially if it will be a long time before you get a lift on your vehicle
6.  Tray to put toys on and to support arms
7.  Able to be tied down for transportation on bus or in van

Tips in Choosing a bed:
1. Height adjustable to save your back
2. Foot and head of bed can be raised
3. Solid side rails


Positioning Links and tips:


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